Empowering Lives Through Embodied Living
FREE Monthly Masterclass: Embodied Mindfulness

Your greatest responsibility is to know ourselves better, to live better, to respond better. 

Embodied Mindfulness is the keystone of Living Embodied.

This FREE Masterclass, offered on zoom, on the 3rd Thursday each month at 6pm Mountain Time, will teach you the basic principles and practices.

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Take a step closer.

You are worth it! Don't wait. Schedule a FREE, no-pressure, Transformational Conversation. I mean it. ... Most coaches are pushy, and focused on the sale. I'm not. I truly see your healing and transformation as a co-creative process. This means, you have to want to work with me, just as much as I want to work with you. So... take a step closer. Let's find out. This conversation is FREE, and no-pressure. It can only serve you on your journey to Living. Life. Better... because you CAN THRIVE!

Are you feeling STUCK? Do you KNOW you have a life's calling, and that you are MEANT to make an impact in the world?  

Identify patterns, feel feelings, heal trauma, and learn to THRIVE through Embodied Mindfulness.

Here's exactly what we'll be talking about in our transformational conversation:

  • Where you're at right now - what is your main struggle?
  • Where would you like to be - what would it be like to be free of this struggle?
  • How willing are you to take the steps to get there?

If from what I am hearing, I believe that I can help you, I will let you know. And if you feel that you would like to work with me, we will continue the conversation.

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Are you enjoying what I'm putting out there? 

The practice of EMBODIED MINDFULNESS is life-changing, and that is so valuable! And yet, I recognize that not everyone is able to pay for my individual programs.

So, I put a lot of FREE content out there: newsletter, social media groups, YouTube videos, Masterclasses, and a live, monthly Embodied Mindfulness Masterclass, plus occasional LIVE classes and tutorials Instagram. 

I also offer individual sessions on a SLIDING SCALE. No questions asked. 

To continue to do ALL of this, your contribution helps!

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FREE Recorded Masterclass: How Asking for Help... Helps!

I know it all too well - the "I can do it all myself" attitude that comes when we've been hurt, disappointed, put down, or shamed, in times when we needed help.

"Extreme Independence" helps... but asking for help, helps more.

This Masterclass gives you insight to you, how you are being in the world, and where you might be able to soften, to connect with others from a conscious and regulated place... and facilitate your own heaing.

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FREE Workshop: Break THROUGH to Redefine Romance & Create Conscious Connections

5 Practices that WORK, to feel EMPOWERED in re-discovering your feminine ROAR, post-divorce, breakup, loss, or trauma.


I am excited to help you!

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Love Your SELF (Again)

All relationships stem from one: Your relationship to your SELF.

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As a Self-Guided Coaching Program, this course is a great either as an introduction to or a continuation of the Embodied Living Method.

A Chakra Journey: A Self-Guided Course in Self-Inquiry

Your Personal Adventure into Insight!

You've heard that your energy is "blocked," or that you need to align your chakras... but what does that MEAN?

And, how can you apply it to your life in a useful and immediately implementable way?

In this recorded, online workshop, explore yourself through the lens of the chakra system...

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FREE 21 Day Meditation!

Let yourself be seen, truly Seen, Love with your Whole Heart, Practice Gratitude and Joy, And believe that You are Enough.

Learn how to embrace your inner strength and purpose!

Join Me for a 21 Day Meditation Challenge

This is a self-guided program. All content is recorded, and delivered to you in a series of daily emails.


A FREE Cooperative Meditation Practice

Now is the time to work together to create a better world.

This short meditative practice will give you a feeling of deep connection to a loved one. 

Are you ready to step up and create more kindness in the world?

Connect in a viral experience as we raise the vibration of humanity, create more loving kindness in the world, and move toward a better world.

Get your FREE practice now!

Create a Better World!

Have You Lost Your THRIVE capacity?

Practice Embodied Mindfulness for Embodied Living, you can overcome all obstacles and limiting beliefs, and truly LOVE yourself and your life again! I hope you'll join me on this journey.


Join Me And LOVE Your Life Again!


"Having been both a recipient and a referring coach/practitioner for countless therapeutic modalities, I can heartily count Kristen as a master of her craft. Kristen gingerly accessed stuck areas of trauma eliciting a tangible relaxation response throughout my body. Profound insights immediately arose from the wisdom of those newly freed tissues, serving me still today. Do yourself a favor and take any opportunity you have to work with Kristen. -Dr. Marjorie Wolter"

"I was in a really low place of feeling disconnected from myself when I started working with Kristen. I had already been seeing a talk therapist, but was looking for something deeper to add to that. Something more in the body & less in the mind. After my first few sessions with Kristen, I was hesitant to continue because it was challenging to actually listen to my heart & my body after quieting my mind. But this practice felt like something really big. It felt important. I needed to start becoming more familiar with my voice, my truth, and Kristen has given me the tools & space to do just that. After working with her for about 2 years, I have started to befriend my heart’s voice & listen to that voice over anything else. I am starting to live more of my truth. I would recommend anyone who is wanting a deeper connection to themselves to work with Kristen. She has a beautiful way of leading you to your heart space to acknowledge what’s there & holds space for you to explore that. She is truly a gift, and I know my life is deeper & more connected because of the work I have done with her."

"After years of intense (an worth EVERY bit-o-it) trauma psychotherapy of my own, I came to know that there were some things, some memories trapped in my body that simply needed the guidance of a somatic coach. Last year was my first time working with Kristen Boyle: Embodied Living...and I have to confess, I was a little doubtful that working via video was going to work for me (yep, there are times when I can be more critical than curious- and, I give myself grace for that😁) Any-who, With in the first 10 mintues of our embodiment session, tears released, tension I had been carrying around in the center of my shoulder blades released, and then the even deeper work began. My body started feeling things it had been unable to most of my life. My shoulders, which I had worn as earrings to protect my neck from my jugular being ripped out took their proper place...so I had to get new earrings 😉. BLESSED. I'm looking forward to starting new work with her this week. Here's to #livingmybestlife Thank you, Kristen "


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