Empowering Lives Through Embodied Living
6 Weeks to Love (Yourself): Through You, All Will Find It's Way

Discover 5 Things My Clients Are Doing To Consciously Connect and Redefine Romance

post-divorce, break-up, loss, or trauma.


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Blueprint to THRIVE: In Love, and in Life

Individualized Transformation Program (zoom)

Create Conscious Connection

Redefine Romance

For YOU!

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Transforming Trauma to Transform Relationships

In this 6-week Transformational online GROUP COACHING program, you will LEARN and integrate the 5 principles that will enable you to Consciously Connect and empower you to Redefine Romance for YOU.

From a Course participant:

"I always feel anxious about sharing my experience in a group, but every single time I did, it was valuable, enlightening, and humbling. I believe that I grew by leaps and bounds just by participating!"

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Love Your SELF (Again)

All relationships stem from one: Your relationship to your SELF.

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As a Self-Guided Coaching Program, this course is a great either as an introduction to or a continuation of the Embodied Living Method.

A Chakra Journey: A Self-Guided Course in Self-Inquiry

Your Personal Adventure into Insight!

You've heard that your energy is "blocked," or that you need to align your chakras... but what does that MEAN?

And, how can you apply it to your life in a useful and immediately implementable way?

In this recorded, online workshop, explore yourself through the lens of the chakra system...

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FREE 21 Day Meditation!

Let yourself be seen, truly Seen, Love with your Whole Heart, Practice Gratitude and Joy, And believe that You are Enough.

Learn how to embrace your inner strength and purpose!

Join Me for a 21 Day Meditation Challenge

This is a self-guided program. All content is recorded, and delivered to you in a series of daily emails.

Have You Lost Your THRIVE capacity?

Through Embodied Living, you can overcome and LOVE yourself and your life again! I hope you'll join me on this journey.


Join Me And LOVE Your Life Again!


The Embodied Living Community

This offers you a virtual place to connect with others who have received Somatic Coaching, and actively practice Embodied Mindfulness, through the Embodied Living Method.

Talk with Kristen today to see if this community would be a good fit for you!

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