Empowering Lives Through Embodied Living

"I help single moms who know 'the dark night of the soul' be fully present for their kids."

Your Answer to THRIVE

If you …

  • Feel challenged by the never-ending struggle to balance work, life, being there for your kids, and then caring for yourself (often last)...
  • Feel anxious and overwhelmed by the state of the world today and how you can raise a child in these circumstances…
  • Have experienced personal trauma, and are aware that it is creating patterns of mental, emotional, or physical pain that is preventing you from living fully…
  • Fear that you will continue the cycle of unhealthy relationships or resistance to them because of your past trauma…
  • Feel that something is missing, or that you are not fully seen or understood in traditional talk therapy or conventional medical approaches...

… Then YOU are ready to shift toward THRIVING through Embodied Living.

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“If we can truly support the mothers, then we will heal the world.” - Kristen Boyle

I believe that healing the world starts with you - the mothers. And yet, you have your own trauma story playing out. Every one of us does, though it is likely unconscious. And the way of being that it caused within you developed long ago, to ensure your own survival. It is the unconscious memory that creates these patterns that supported us at one time, but may now be holding us back. Awakening to these, even without remembering or reliving the event that caused them, is what the transformative work of Embodied Living is all about.

I love working with moms, and single moms, because I am one of you! Finding healing through deep connection and support is the best way to discover your immense untapped power and potential that has been there all along! And once discovered through Embodied Living, you will find that the balance of work-life-kid-self falls into place, and you thrive in flow.

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What you will experience:

Embodied Living is the practice of connecting the three zones of wisdom: the intellect that is sharp and decisive, the heart of emotional knowing, and the gut of intuitive survival. The mind can live in past remembering, and future projecting. The heart and gut live in the here and now. We need all three to thrive in flow. We tend to mostly live from the intellect, which turns very quickly into judge, critic or naysayer, blocking your connection to emotion and intuition, which have their own wisdom.

I teach you how to do this through Somatic Coaching.

Soma: The body as perceived from within, or interoception. Perceiving the body from within is the gateway to Embodied Living.

Through this co-creative process, I will teach you how to recognize your own body’s wisdom, gaining the tools you need to support you through any of life’s unpredictable challenges. 

As you move towards an embodied sense of joy and thriving in the world, you are more ready and able to awaken to all the possibilities that are pointing you to living your life’s purpose.

And through this process of connecting with your self first, you will discover more connection with your children, and discover your magnetism that attracts the right friends, romantic and other partnerships, directly to you.

By engaging in this process, you will THRIVE.

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Who Am I?

I am you. I am a single mom and an entrepreneur, who has experienced my own challenges and found a method to THRIVE through it all. 

I am here to help YOU. 

I am an internationally certified Yoga Therapist, and a Somatic Coach.

I invite professional, soul-centered mothers, who know the 'dark night of the soul' to find their light again through Embodied Living, so they can be fully present to their children. 

In a co-creative process, you are invited to transform trauma, and to shift from feeling drained, depleted, overwhelmed, or burnt out, so you can fully embody your soul-purpose as a mom, a professional, and a human.

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What Moms are Saying:

"I started Yoga Therapy with Kristen in February of this year when I hit my rock bottom with postpartum depression, anxiety, general life overwhelm. Through my practice with Kristen I have become more myself than ever before. I’ve said it time and time again, it saved me. The best part for me is that I’m learning how to save myself through myself with Kristen’s guidance. I love the connection I’ve gained with my body and the cues it gives me. It’s been totally awesome to see the shift and to put into use the tools I learn in our sessions in my daily life. I could go on forever and will if you have any questions or want to know more about my experience, just reach out. If this sounds good to you, Yoga Therapy might be something for you to try and I highly recommend Kristen." - RT, thriving new mom


"I can attest that Kristen's skills as a Somatic Coach are exceptional!" - KD, single and thriving


"This shit is cool!" - CB, after making a somatic connection to life

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