Empowering Lives Through Embodied Living

A Chakra Journey:

An Exploration of the Self, Through the Lens of the Chakra System.

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In this recorded course, I guide you into an exploration of yourself through the lens of the chakra system... 

This is NOT your average Chakra workshop!

You've heard that your energy is "blocked," or that you need to align your chakras... but what does that MEAN? And, how can you apply it to your life in a useful and immediately implementable way? Kristen Boyle, Yoga Therapist and Somatic Coach, is a master at bringing the esoteric to the real. 

What does it mean to 'stand on your own two feet' or to be 'open-hearted' and how does that relate to your life as it is today? 

In real terms, she will teach you what all of this means, so that you can truly Embody the teaching, and Live. Life. Better. 

This 9-part course involves Embodied Movement, Meditation, Journaling, as a means to explore each Chakra, your relationship with those aspects of yourself, and how you show up in the world. 

I really hope you will join me! I've been wanting to offer this very special and transformative course as your personal journey for a long time!

I am an Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist and Somatic Coach.

I support you in knowing yourself, gaining insight, and thriving in the world through what I call Embodied Mindfulness.

Gain Insight to yourself that is immediately applicable to your life.

Establish your foundation from which to transform yourself in the ways you desire.

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What You Will Gain:


The Chakra system has been over centuries overlaid with modern psychology. What we know of it today is not exactly what the ancients knew, and yet, it is a powerful exporation of the psyche with the intention of self-discovery. 

The Chakra system in yoga is part of the "subtle body," which is made up of energy, rather than matter. We all have the ability to tap into this energy, to recognize, utilize, and transform it for our betterment, but the questioning mind often is the block.

Taking this journey with Kristen and the Embodied Living method, you will experience movement, meditation, journaling, and connecting with others in a relatable way.

Through this journey, you will gain access and insight to yourself, as well as parts of you that have been forgotten, and it's time to bring them to surface.

Kristen is a wise and intuitive facilitator. You are guaranteed to leave with a renewed energy, ready for the transformation to come!

And after a year like 2020, don't we all want to be as ready as we can be, to leave it all behind, and step into a New Way of Being?

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