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Asking for Help: Easy or Hard?

I know it all too well - the "I can do it all myself" attitude that comes when we've been hurt, disappointed, put down, or shamed, in times when we needed help.

So to protect yourself, you become a "do-er," and "over-do-er," an "over-achiever."

"Extreme Independence" is the term for it. And whether you ARE extremely independent, or, like me, you talk like you are, what it means is that you are living in an autonomic state of survival.

i.e. You are in constant fight or flight mode.

In this Masterclass you will:

  • Gain insight to why you are not asking for help when it's needed.
  • Understand why asking for help allows others to connect to you.
  • Notice and break down the wall of defense
  • Begin to connect with others from a conscious and regulated place.
  • Begin to facilitate your own healing.

Find Out How Asking for Help... Helps in Creating Connection!

I am so excited to share these perspective-mindset-changing insights with you! Are you READY to transform?

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What clients are saying:

"I have a difficult time asking for help as a result of trauma from an abusive relationship. It's challenging to even figure out what help I need ask for. Working with you has helped me to move through my trauma, and become empowered in asking for what I need."

"I used to hardly ever ask for help. I always felt like I would be inconveniencing someone, though I am always helping everyone around me. Now I understand that my inner dialogue of being an "inconvenience" actually prevented me from truly connecting with others. I also understand that my helping others was an expression of my deep need to connect. This understanding has been transformative!"