Empowering Lives Through Embodied Living

A Course in Transformation

In invite you to step into a new way of being!

Once you've experienced yourself in a new way, you will never go back.

Start NOW!

In this 4-week online course you will:

  • Learn how your body is an integral part of living fully.
  • Work with the big theme of Acceptance, and how that opens you up to true Empowerment.
  • Practice the power of Discernment in all aspects of life, learning what is yours and not yours.
  • Learn to live from your Authentic Truth.
  • Find Flow in life.

This course includes four 2-hour sessions.

Each session includes:

  • A check-in on the previous week.
  • Embodied movement focused on that week’s theme.
  • Meditation.
  • Integration of the experience.
  • Group sharing.

To support you between sessions, you will receive:

  • A recording of the practice.
  • A custom-designed journal with prompts to continue focus on the theme.
  • A weekly check-in.
  • Discounted individual sessions to support your transformation.

Through exploring your relationship to each of the 8 themes, you will gain:

  • Insight to yourself.
  • More resiliency to navigate life.
  • The ability to engage more fully, no matter what.
  • Tools to support you through any of life’s challenging times.

Are you ready to invite yourself into a deeper relationship with SELF?

You CAN Live. Life. Better.


Gain Insight to yourself that is immediately applicable to your life.

Establish your foundation from which to transform yourself in the ways you desire.

Now is the Time to Dive in... to gain the insight you need to THRIVE.

I'm Ready to Transform!